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CWP Schuler

CWP  is the leading manufacturer of coil handling equipment and systems serving the metal working industry for over 50 years.

From individual coil handling and processing equipment to totally integrated systems, CWP can provide the right solution for all your coil processing needs. CWP is a member of FORMTEK, a “best-of-class” group of manufacturers dedicated to improving the productivity of forming precision products from sheet metal.

CWP offers a broad line of rugged, coil processing equipment including payoff reels, pallet decoilers, powered straighteners, servo feeds, levelers, combination equipment, auxiliary equipment and integrated system solutions for press feeding and cut-to-length applications.

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Servo Roll Feeds

CWP offers a complete line of servo feeds, including proven ServoMax and ServoMatic brands that handle stock of varying thicknesses and widths for virtually any press feeding or progressive die operation. CWP feeds are built for long-lasting durability and dependability with high accuracy, speed and user-friendly controls to ensure faster set-ups and high production rates.

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Precision Straighteners


The CWP line of high performance, precision straighteners is engineered to maximize your productivity with more standard features that would be considered options on competitive coil straighteners. All CWP Precision Coil Straighteners are designed to remove coil set and provide smooth payout of material that translates into improved feeding efficiency and accuracy. CWP stands behind our coil handling equipment and systems with an industry-leading, 2-year warranty.

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CWP offers the broadest range of coil reels and accessories that meet the demands of precision control at high production levels. Plain and motorized, single or double spindle models are available with capacities ranging from 4,000 lbs. to 50,000 lbs. and widths from 18″ to 84″. CWP reels provide smooth payoff of coiled material to stamping, blanking, rollforming, or any continuous line operation.

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