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M-TECH is here to serve you…

We not only offer top shelf manufacturing products, but we offer the services needed to set those up and keep them working a peak efficiency!

Our Products

AIDA | Global Metalforming Solutions

AIDA is the premier global manufacturer of Servo & Mechanical Metal Stamping Presses and continues to take the lead in developing new and innovative metalforming solutions. AIDA continues to build on the 90-year tradition of product quality, industry leadership and innovation established by our parent company AIDA Engineering. Worldwide AIDA boasts approximately 2 million square feet of manufacturing space, 1,500 plus associates and a press manufacturing capacity exceeding 2,000 presses per year making AIDA, in units produced, one of the largest press manufacturers in the world.

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Coil Processing Equipment

M-TECH offers a wide variety of coil handling, feeding, and cut to length equipment to uncoil, straighten, feed, and shear metal, paper, or plastic coiled material. M-TECH can help you select the proper equipment to deliver coil stock to power presses, shears, or similar equipment. Our coil processing equipment solutions include: air feeds, servo roll feeds, stock straighteners, levelers, single and double end coil reels, coil cars, coil cradles, pallet decoilers, complete coil lines, space saver coil lines, and cut to length lines.

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Conveyors and Material Handling

Here at Manufacturing Technology, LLC we provide solutions for the movement, storage, retrieval, control and protection of materials and products throughout their manufacture, distribution, consumption and disposal. We enable clients to get the right amount of the right material to the right place at the right time in the right sequence at the right position in the right condition for the right cost in a safe manner.

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Formtek Rollforming and Metal Processing

Formtek is a group of long-established metal forming equipment manufacturing companies, each with a well-known name and a history of providing innovative and reliable equipment to the metal forming and metal processing industries.

Formtek offers a variety of processes incorporating feeding, destacking, roll forming, punching, and wing forming of Coil and Blanks. Some of these operations can be combined to provide automation to one or more manual processes.

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Additional Accessories

Manufacturing Technology distributes a complete line press room accessories to improve the metal stamping process. These accessories complement our complete line of presses, feeds, automation equipment, quick die change, point of operation guarding, and conveying equipment. Our press room accessories include: hydraulic shock dampers, stock oilers, stock lubricant, die lights, shock/vibration mounts, rotary limit switches (cam switches).

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Our Services

Die Change Systems

The advantages of a die change system are numerous and include Increased machine uptime, Reduced labor, Less set-up time, Fast delivery and turnaround and more.

Let us provide you with the excellent technical support you need to remain competitive in today’s manufacturing environment. Let our specialists suggest ways to reach your specific goals.

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Essential Services

We offer all the Press Room services you need to get started and stay up to date, including OSHA Compliance Surveys, Machine and perimeter guarding analysis, Risk analysis, Die Protection Sensor and System Selection, and In-Plant Technical Seminars.

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Process Monitoring Controls and Safety Devices

Monitoring Stamping processes for safety, accuracy and optimizing your OEE. That is what the expert sales reps at M-Tech can offer you. If you are blanking, piercing, notching, bending, drawing, or coining. Our State of the art process Monitoring Systems can assure you the Reliability and Profitability you need.

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Your Scrap is valuable!

Because of this, the equipment you use to collect and compile it should be efficient and easy to maintain. M-TECH can help you design a system to your budget and specific needs. Our shop and field crews are experienced in scrap handling equipment like conveyors, shakers and scrap choppers. With cost-effective solutions and experienced people M-TECH adds value into every step of the process.

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