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Not all lubricants are the same. And one brand is clearly better – IRMCO.

“Improving your business through advanced metalforming lubricant technology has been our mission for nearly 100 years. We achieve it by providing LeanGreen® non-oil metal-forming fluids and gels as well as by providing engineering services to help you optimize more than 80 manufacturing, assembly, and environmental areas.

We start with our thin film’s ability to protect tooling with 50% less lubricant, so you can cut application waste and housekeeping needs. In most cases, you can also remove our lubricants with plain water or mild alkaline cleaner, reducing chemical, water, and energy use by up to 75%. Also, our oil-free surfaces improve the conditions for welding and assembly. In fact, studies using MIG, TIG, and resistance welding techniques have proven that, in many cases, you’re able to reduce washing demands prior to welding with our lubricants.

It’s no wonder why we’re in over 35 countries – and why we’re used in manufacturing many critical components in automobiles, light and heavy trucks, exhaust systems, seating, class ‘A’ trim, aircraft, turf maintenance, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, appliances, pressure vessels, and other products.

So switch to IRMCO today. We help make it easy.

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