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AIDA | Global Metalforming Solutions

AIDA is the premier global manufacturer of Servo & Mechanical Metal Stamping Presses and continues to take the lead in developing new and innovative metalforming solutions.  AIDA continues to build on the 90-year tradition of product quality, industry leadership and innovation established by our parent company AIDA Engineering. Worldwide AIDA boasts approximately 2 million square feet of manufacturing space, 1,500 plus associates and a press manufacturing capacity exceeding 2,000 presses per year making AIDA, in units produced, one of the largest press manufacturers in the world.

20 – 4,000 Tons Capacity, 1 – 1,500 SPM AIDA presses are used to manufacture a broad range of items including automobile components, appliance parts, electric and electronic components, connectors and terminals, and motor laminations.  With a reputation for providing innovative and reliable equipment as well as complete solutions, AIDA is the press manufacturer preferred by leaders in every industry.  Currently AIDA has more than 2,000 presses operating in the United States, 400 in Canada, and 80,000 worldwide, with capacities ranging from 20 to 4,000 metric tons.

AIDA manufactures a complete line of metalforming presses, including gap, straightside, progressive die, transfer, high speed, cold forging and servo-driven mechanical presses. AIDA also offers complete and total turnkey solutions with feeders and automation, giving us the ability to meet all of your metalforming needs.


AIDA-America Stamping Press Manufacturing Facility

The World’s Most Advanced Stamping Press Manufacturing Facility


AIDA-America Corporation is AIDA Engineering, LTD’s North American headquarters for manufacturing, service and support.  Based in Dayton, Ohio, AIDA constructed its facility on 49 acres in 1997 to partner with customers by building flexible production systems and creating new technologies able to meet changing part requirements.  AIDA provides customers with a strong competitive advantage by evaluating production requirements and identifying the most efficient solutions.  AIDA is also giving manufacturers additional flexibility by allowing companies to outsource its machining centers to fabricate a range of components.

■ Full range of mechanical presses 20 to 4,000 tons, 1 to 1500 SPM

■ One of six AIDA manufacturing facilities worldwide

■ Part of a global production capacity of nearly 2,000,000 million square feet

■ AIDA-America expanded its 160,000 square foot factory by 17,600 square feet to bring large component welding in-house and increase large component machining capacity

■ More than 30 acres stand ready for future growth

■ Expanded machining capacity includes small, medium and large machining of critical parts up to 10 meters long x 6 meters high x 3 meters deep

■ Computer controlled, energy management system keeps factory temperature constant year-round

■ One 150-ton, two 100-ton, and two 50-ton overhead cranes as well as low and high bays with assembly pits support manufacturing

■ AIDA-America is the only North American metalforming solution provider with the in-house flexibility to fabricate, machine and assemble larger presses up to 3,500 tons

Continuous Flow Means Optimized ProductionAIDA-America has optimized its unique CONTINUOUS FLOW process from the machining of major frame and drive components to sub-assembly, assembly and machine testing. Machine tools have full on-line capabilities and are connected to Parametric Technology/Pro-Engineer engineering and manufacturing systems for rapid response to customer requirements. Additions to the shipping and logistics area facilitate more efficient loading and shipping.

We welcome all of our customers to visit and tour our state of the art press manufacturing facility in Dayton.  Just contact us and we will set it up..