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The Original, And Best, Direct Drive Servo Press Systems 80 tons- 3500 tons  AIDA is the Leader In Direct Drive Servo Technology. ServoPro is the first fundamental change in the metalforming industry in more than 30 years. The key is the high torque/low RPM servo motors designed and built by AIDA specifically for stamping press applications. Connected directly to the crank, these servo motors, provide the precise accuracy and reliability you expect of AIDA presses. The result is improvement in almost every critical area of press performance. Presses featuring ServoPro, like the NC1-D Gap Frame Servo Press, have the same torque and energy characteristics as conventional mechanical presses.

Completely programmable stroke. Unlimited flexibility of part runs. More press for your dollar. And it’s just the beginning.

Features and Benefits:

  1. AIDA High Torque, Low RPM Servo-Motor
  2. Amplifier/Servo-Controller
  3. Capacitor Banks
  4. Manual Step Feed
  5. Standard Mechanical Drivetrain
    a: Driveshaft with Integral Pinion
    b: Main Gear
    c: Crankshaft
    d: Connection Rod with Ball Type Connection
    e: Electric Motor Slide Adjustment
  6. Mechanical Safety Brake
  7. AIDA Patented Metal-Seal Type Hydraulic Overload Protection
  8. Light Curtains Across Die Space Area with Mechanical Side Guards
  9. Full Length 6-Point Slide Guides
  10. Full Recirculating Oil Lubrication System
  11. CNC Control with Color HMI
  12. Infinitely Programmable Stroke Profile Control
    a: Constant Velocity Motion
    b: Nine Pre-Programmed Motions
    c: Pendulum Motion

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