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DAYTON LAMINA  is the world-wide industry leader in the production of catalog and special punches, punch blanks and metal stamping tools. Our full line of precision metal fabricating and stamping tooling includes: head type Versatile punches, ball lock punches, retainers, die buttons (matrixes) and die springs.

Only DAYTON LAMINA  can offer you…

  • Shortest, most consistent delivery

Our Firm Delivery Schedule reduces your lead-time, maintenance downtime and inventory.

  • Broadest range of product

More variety than any other punch manufacturer turns your specials into standards, reducing delivery time and cost.

  • Vast world-wide distributor network

Dayton trained distributors are nearby to assist you in product selection, problem solving and order placing to assure you of receiving the highest quality.

  • No minimum order

Carry fewer inventories – order what you need when you need it.

  • Highest level of technical support available

Help to solve your most demanding problems and maintain your productivity.

  • More manufacturing facilities than any other supplier.

The 800+ members of the Dayton Team world-wide are dedicated to furnishing you with the highest quality, best value catalog and to-print special metal stamping tools.

No other punch supplier can offer you this list of benefits!

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