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Superior Die Set Corporation is a manufacturer of die sets, mold bases, pins/bushings, three platen presses, cut-and-ground machined plate, fabrications and forging products. Still operated by the Janiszewski family in the 4th generation, Superior Die set has several manufacturing facilities, warehouses and distribution with the capability to serve a global market.

Superior Die Set manufactures a complete line of die set products including: stock, standard and special die sets. Die sets are available in a variety of steel types includingFortal® with friction or ball bearing components. Heavy-duty boss and wear plate die sets are also available. Superior offers custom torch-cutting services, precision blanchard and surface grinding capabilities, and special machining for die sets up to 30 tons.

Superior has introduced a truly universal die set component tooling product line. All mandatory component dimensions, tolerances, materials and hardness specifications conform to ISO Standards. Worldwide die set design compatibility and simplicity is now provided. Design interchangeability offers die designers and stampers cost and time efficiency.

ISO Component Standards All components are quality and precision manufactured under ISO 9002. Specific ISO Component Standards include ISO 9182-2, 9182-3, 9182-5, 9448-6 and 9448-7.

ISO Flexibility Only one bushing hole for the pin and bushing size you are using. With each pin diameter size, you can use either a Demountable Steel Bushing, Bronze-Rite™ Bushing, Self Lubricating Bushing or a Ball Bearing Bushing! No need to drill various bushing hole diameters for the various types of bushings. Pin locations on your die sets are the same for any bushing type you use, which maximizes your work area. You can also change your friction die set readily into a ball bearing die set without machining!

ISO Component Sizes – From 12 mm to 80 mm Superior provides a wide size range and the interchangeability of bushing types for the size of pin your tooling requires. ISO standard sizes available are 12 mm, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63 and 80 mm. All components are labeled for convenient identification and replacement. ISO Springs meet color coding, load and dimensional specifications. ISO Gas Springs are also available.

Superior Components… Innovative and traditional parts that meet and exceed your specifications



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